The Ontario Building Code | Light Diffusers and Lenses light Diffusers and Lenses

(1) The flame-spread rating of combustible light diffusers and lenses in all occupancies other than Group A, Division 1 is permitted to be more than the flame-spread rating limits required elsewhere in this Subsection, provided the light diffusers and lenses,

(a) have a flame-spread rating not more than 250 and a smoke developed classification not more than 600 when tested in conformance with CAN/ulc-S102.2, "Test for surface Burning Characteristics of flooring="" title ="Handyman flooring install Toronto">flooring, Floor Coverings, and Miscellaneous Materials and Assemblies",

(b) fall to the bottom of the test apparatus before igniting when tested in conformance with ulc-S102.3, "Fire Test of light Diffusers and Lenses",

(c) are not prevented from falling from the ceiling by construction located beneath the elements, and

(d) are not used in a corridor that is required to be separated from the remainder of the buildingby a fire separation or in an exitshaft unless individual diffusers or lenses are not more than 1 m2in area and are not less than 1.2 m apart.