The Ontario Building Code | Location of Cleanouts Location of Cleanouts

(1) Cleanouts and access covers shall be located so that the openings="" title ="Window installer in Toronto">openings are readily accessible for drain cleaning purposes.

(2) A cleanout shall not be located in a floor assembly in a manner that may constitute a hazard and shall not be used as a floor drain.

(3) Reserved

(4) Each change of direction of the piping between a cleanout fitting and the drainage piping or vent piping that it serves shall be accomplished by using 45° bends.

(5) A cleanout shall be provided to serve vertical drainage piping from a wall hung urinal and shall extend above the flood level rim of the fixture.

(6) A cleanout serving a fixture in health care facilities, mortuaries, laboratories and similar occupancies, where contamination by body fluids is likely, shall be located a minimum of 150 mm above the flood level rim of the fixture.

7.4.8. Minimum Slope and Length of drainage Pipes