The Ontario Building Code | Control and Shut-off Valves Control and Shut-off Valves

(1) A building control valve shall be provided,

(a) on every water service pipe at the location where the water service pipe enters the building, or

(b) on the water distribution system at a location immediately downstream of the point of entry treatment unit, where the building is served by a point of entry treatment unit located in the building.

(2) Except as provided in Sentence (3), a drain port shall be provided on the water distribution system immediately downstream of the building control valve required by Sentence (1) and if there is a meter, the drain port shall be installed immediately downstream of the meter on the water distribution system.

(3) Where the building control valverequired by Sentence (1) is of 1 in. trade size or smaller, the drain port may be an integral part of the building control valve in the form of a stop and waste valve and the drain port shall be located on the water distribution systemside of the stop and waste valve.

(4) Every pipe that is supplied with water from a tank on the property that is a gravity water tank or a tank of a drinking water system shall be provided with a shut-off valve located close to the tank.

(5) Where the water supply is to be metered, the installation of the meter, including the piping that is part of the meter installation and the valving arrangement for the meter installation, shall be according to the water purveyor’s requirements.

(6) For the purpose of identifying the pipe material where plastic water pipe is used underground for a service pipe, the end of the pipe inside the building shall be brought above ground for a distance not less than 300 mm and not greater than 450 mm.