The Ontario Building Code | Construction Requirements Construction Requirements

(1) A privy as described in Subsections 8.3.3. to 8.3.5. shall be enclosed with a superstructure that,

(a) is constructedof strong durable weatherproof materials,

(b) has a solid floor supported by a sill constructed of treated timber, masonry or other material of at least equal strength and durability,

(c) is easily sanitized,

(d) unless it is equipped solely as a urinal, is equipped with one or more seats each having a cover and being supported by an enclosed bench or riser that is lined with an impervious material on all interior vertical surfaces,

(e) is equipped with a self-closing door,

(f) has one or more openings="" title ="Window installer in Toronto">openings for purposes of ventilation, all of which are screened,

(g) has a ventilation duct that is screened at the top end and that extends from the underside of the bench or riser to a point above the roof of the superstructure, and

(h) shall not have any openings="" title ="Window installer in Toronto">openings for the reception of human body waste, other than urinals and those constructed in accordance with Clause (1)(d).

8.3.3. Earth Pit Privy