The Ontario Building Code | Acceptable Installation Acceptable installation

(1) A Class 5 sewage system may be installed in the following circumstances:

(a) where the proposed use of the sewage system is for a temporary operation, excluding seasonal recreational use, not exceeding 12 months in duration,

(b) to remedy an unsafe sewage system where the remediation of the unsafe condition by the installation of a Class 4 sewage systemis impracticable,

(c) to upgrade asewage system serving an existing building, where upgrading through the use of a Class 4 sewage systemis not possible due to lot size, site slope or clearance limitations, or

(d) as an interim measure for a lot or parcel of land until municipal sewers are available, provided that the municipality undertakes to ensure the continued operation of an approved hauled sewage system until the municipal sewers are available.

(2) Where a Class 5 sewage system is installed, a written agreement for the disposal of sanitary sewage from the sewage system shall be entered into with a hauled sewage system operator.

8.8.2. General Requirements