The Ontario Building Code | Ceiling Heights of Rooms or Spaces ceiling Heights of Rooms or Spaces

(1) The ceiling heights of rooms or spaces in residential occupancies and live/work units shall conform to Table

(2) Areas in rooms or spaces over which ceiling height is not less than the minimum specified in Table shall be contiguous with the entry or entries to those rooms or spaces.

Room ceiling Heights

Forming Part of Sentences and (2)


Column 1

Room or Space

Column 2

Minimum Heights(1)


Living room or space, dining room or space, kitchen or kitchen space

2 300 mm over at least 75% of the required floor area with a clear height of 2 100 mm at any point over the required area


Bedroom or bedroom space

2 300 mm over at least 50% of the required area or 2 100 mm over all of the required floor area. Any part of the floor having a clear height of less than 1 400 mm shall not be considered in computing the required floor area


basement space

2 100 mm over at least 75% of the basement area except that under beams and ducts the clearance is permitted to be reduced to 1 950 mm


Bathroom, water closet room or laundry area above grade

2 100 mm in any area where a person would normally be in a standing position


Passage, hall or main entrance vestibule and finished rooms not specifically mentioned above

2 100 mm

Notes to Table

(1) Area of the space shall be measured at floor level.