The Ontario Building Code | Exceptions for Major Occupancies Exceptions for Major Occupancies

(1) In a building in which the aggregate area of all major occupancies in a particular Group or Division is not more than 10% of the floor areaof the storey in which they are located, these major occupancies need not be considered as major occupancies for the purposes of this Subsection, provided they are not classified as Group F, Division 1 or 2 occupancies.

Note: On July 1, 2017, Article of Division B of the Regulation is amended by adding the following Sentence: (See: O. Reg. 139/17, s. 17)

(1.1) For the purposes of Sentence (1), a retirement home is deemed to be a separate major occupancy.

(2) A helicopter landing area on the roof of a buildingneed not be considered a major occupancy for purposes of Subsection 3.2.2. where such landing area is not more than 10% of the area of the roof.