The Ontario Building Code | Buildings Containing Impeded Egress Zones buildings Containing Impeded Egress Zones

(1) A building containing an impeded egress zone and conforming to the appropriate requirements of Articles to is not required to conform to the requirements of Articles and for a Group B, Division 1 major occupancy provided,

(a) the buildingis sprinklered,

(b) it is not more than 1 storey in building height,

(c) it does not include,

(i) a contained use area,

(ii) sleeping accommodation,

(iii) a high hazard industrial occupancy, or

(iv) a mercantile occupancy,

(d) the building area is not more than 6 400 m2 if the buildingincludes a medium hazard industrial occupancy,

(e) the impeded egress zone does not extend beyond the boundaries of the fire compartment in which it is located, and

(f) the occupant load of the impeded egress zone is not more than 100.