The Ontario Building Code | Fire Alarm System Required Fire Alarm System Required

(1) Except as provided in Sentence (2), a fire alarm system shall be installed,

(a) in every buildingthat contains more than 3 storeys, including storeys below the first storey,

(b) where the total occupant load exceeds 300, or

(c) when the occupant load for any major occupancy in Table is exceeded.

(2) A fire alarm system is not required in a residential occupancy where an exit or public corridor serves not more than 4 suites or where each suitehas direct access to an exterior exit facility leading to ground level.

Maximum Occupant Load for Buildings without Fire Alarm Systems

Forming Part of Sentence


Column 1

Major Occupancy Classification

Column 2

Occupant Load Above which Fire Alarm System is Required



10 (sleeping accommodation)


Business and personal services, mercantile

150 above or below the first storey


Low- or medium-hazard industrial

75 above or below the first storey