The Ontario Building Code | Vertical Clearances above Cooktops Vertical Clearances above Cooktops

(1) Except as provided in Sentence (2), framing, finishes and cabinetry installed directly above the location of the cooktop shall be not less than 750 mm above the level of cooktop burners or elements.

(2) The vertical clearance described in Sentence (1) for framing, finishes and cabinets located directly above the location of the cooktopis permitted to be reduced to 600 mm above the level of the elements or burners provided the framing, finishes and cabinets,

(a) are noncombustible, or

(b) are protected by,

(i) asbestos millboard not less than 6 mm thick, covered with sheet metal not less than 0.33 mm thick, or

(ii) a metal hood with a 125 mm projection beyond the framing, finishes and cabinets.