The Ontario Building Code | Material Standards Material Standards

(1) Except as otherwise specified in this Section, materials used for exterior dampproofing shall conform to,

(a) CAN/cgsb-37.1-M, "Chemical Emulsified Type, Emulsified asphalt for Dampproofing",

(b) CAN/cgsb-37.2-M, "Emulsified asphalt, Mineral Colloid Type, Unfilled, for Dampproofing and waterproofing and for Roof Coatings",

(c) cgsb 37-GP-6Ma, "asphalt, Cutback, Unfilled, for Dampproofing",

(d) CAN/cgsb-37.16-M, "Filled, Cutback asphalt for Dampproofing and waterproofing",

(e) cgsb 37-GP-18Ma, "Tar, Cutback, Unfilled, for Dampproofing",

(f) CAN/cgsb-51.34-M, "Vapour Barrier, Polyethylene Sheet, for Use in building Construction",

(g) CAN/CSA-A123.4, "asphalt for Constructing Built-Up Roof Coverings and waterproofing Systems," or

(h) cgsb 37-GP-56M, "Membrane, Modified, Bituminous, Prefabricated, and Reinforced for Roofing".