The Ontario Building Code | Masonry Unit Standards masonry Unit Standards

(1) masonry units shall comply with,

(a) ASTM C73, "Calcium Silicate brick (Sand-Lime brick)",

(b) ASTM C126, "Ceramic Glazed Structural Clay Facing tile, Facing brick, and Solid masonry Units",

(c) ASTM C212, "Structural Clay Facing tile",

(d) CAN/CSA-A82.1-M, "Burned Clay brick (Solid masonry Units Made from Clay or Shale)",

(e) CSA A82.4-M, "Structural Clay Load-Bearing wall tile",

(f) CSA A82.5-M, "Structural Clay Non-Load-Bearing tile",

(g) CAN3-A82.8-M, "Hollow Clay brick",

(h) CAN/CSA-A165.1, "Concrete Block masonry Units",

(i) CAN/CSA-A165.2, "Concrete brick masonry Units",

(j) CAN/CSA-A165.3, "Prefaced Concrete masonry Units", or

(k) CAN3-A165.4-M, "Autoclaved Cellular Units".