The Ontario Building Code | Corrosion Resistance of Connectors Corrosion Resistance of Connectors

(1) Carbon steel connectors required to be corrosion-resistant shall be galvanized to at least the minimum standards in Table

Minimum Requirements for Galvanizing

Forming Part of Sentence


Column 1

Connector Material

Column 2

ASTM Standard

Column 3

Coating Class


wire ties and continuous reinforcing (hot-dipped galvanizing)

A153 / A153M

Class B2 or 458 g/m²


Hardware and bolts

A153 / A153M

See A153 / A153M


Strip, plate, bars, and rolled sections (not less than 3.18 mm thick)

A123 / A123M

610 g/m²


Sheet (less than 3.18 mm thick)

A123 / A123M

305 g/m² on material 0.76 mm thick(1)

Notes to Table

(1) ASTM A123 / A123M does not apply to metal less than 3.18 mm thick. Galvanizing coatings may be interpolated for thicknesses between 3.18 mm and 0.76 mm.

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