The Ontario Building Code | Limitations Limitations

(1) This Section applies where wall, floor and roof planes are generally comprised of lumber frames of small repetitive structural members, or engineered components, and where,

(a) roof and wall planes are clad, sheathed or braced on at least one side,

(b) the small repetitive structural members are spaced not more than 610 mm o.c.,

(c) the walls do not serve as foundations,

(d) the specified live load on supported subfloors and floor framing does not exceed 2.4 kPa, and

(e) the span of any structural member does not exceed 12.20 m.

(2) Where the conditions in Sentence (1) are exceeded for wood construction, the design of the framing and fastening shall conform to Subsection 4.3.1.

9.23.2. General