The Ontario Building Code | Stud Posts Built into Walls stud Posts Built into walls

(1) Except as provided in Sentences (2) and (3), stud posts shall be designed in accordance with Part 4.

(2) The number of studs in a wall directly below a girder truss or roof beam shall conform to Tables A-34 to A-37, provided,

(a) the studs are fastened together to form a post in accordance with Sentence,

(b) the wall is not less than 1.2 m long and sheathed on at least one side with plywood, OSB, waferboard or gypsum sheathing, and

(c) the wall sheathing is fastened to the stud post with at least one row of fasteners conforming to Article and spaced not more than 150 mm o.c.

(3) The width of the stud post shall be not less than the width of the girder or beam that it supports.

9.23.11. wall Plates