The Ontario Building Code | Fire-Rated Walls Fire-Rated walls

(1) Steel studs used in walls required to have a fire-resistance rating shall be installed so that there is not less than a 12 mm clearance between the top of the stud and the top of the runner to allow for expansion in the event of fire.

(2) Except as provided in Article, studs in walls referred to in Sentence (1) shall not be attached to the runners in a manner that will prevent such expansion.

(3) Framing above doors with steel door frames in non-loadbearingfire separations required to have a fire-resistance rating shall consist of two runners on the flat fastened back to back.

(4) The lower runner required in Sentence (3) shall be cut through the flanges and be bent at each end to extend upwards at least 150 mm and fastened to the adjacent studs.