The Ontario Building Code | Material Standards Material Standards

(1) Roofing materials shall conform to,

(a) CAN/cgsb-37.4-M, "Fibrated, Cutback asphalt, Lap cement for asphalt Roofing",

(b) CAN/cgsb-37.5-M, "Cutback asphalt Plastic, cement",

(c) CAN/cgsb-37.8-M, "asphalt, Cutback, Filled, for Roof Coating",

(d) cgsb 37-GP-9Ma, "Primer, asphalt, Unfilled, for asphalt Roofing, Dampproofing and waterproofing",

(e) cgsb 37-GP-21M, "Tar, Cutback, Fibrated, for Roof Coating",

(f) CAN/cgsb-37.50-M, "Hot Applied, Rubberized asphalt for Roofing and waterproofing",

(g) cgsb 37-GP-52M, "Roofing and waterproofing Membrane, Sheet Applied, Elastomeric",

(h) CAN/cgsb-37.54, "Polyvinyl Chloride Roofing and waterproofing Membrane",

(i) cgsb 37-GP-56M, "Membrane, Modified, Bituminous, Prefabricated, and Reinforced for Roofing",

(j) cgsb 41-GP-6M, "Sheets, Thermosetting Polyester Plastics, glass Fiber Reinforced",

(k) CAN/cgsb-51.32-M, "Sheathing, Membrane, Breather Type",

(l) CSA A123.1 / A123.5, "asphalt Shingles Made from Organic Felt and surfaced with Mineral Granules / asphalt Shingles Made from glass Felt and surfaced with Mineral Granules",

(m) CAN/CSA-A123.2, "asphalt Coated Roofing Sheets",

(n) CSA A123.3, "asphalt Saturated Organic Roofing Felt",

(o) CAN/CSA-A123.4, "asphalt for Constructing Built-Up Roof Coverings and waterproofing Systems",

(p) CSA A123.17, "asphalt Glass Felt Used in Roofing and waterproofing",

(q) CAN/CSA-A220.0-M, "Performance of Concrete Roof tiles",

(r) CSA O118.1, "Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles", or

(s) CSA O118.2-M, "Eastern White Cedar Shingles".