The Ontario Building Code | Group F, Division 1, up to 2 Storeys, Sprinklered Group F, Division 1, up to 2 Storeys, Sprinklered

(1) A building classified as Group F, Division 1 is permitted to conform to Sentence (2) provided,

(a) except as permitted by Sentence, the building is sprinklered,

(b) it is not more than 2 storeys in building height, and

(c) it has a building area not more than,

(i) 2 400 m2if 1 storey in building height, or

(ii) 1 200 m2if 2 storeys in building height.

(2) The building referred to in Sentence (1) is permitted to be of combustible construction or noncombustible construction used singly or in combination, and,

(a) floor assemblies shall be fire separations and, if of combustible construction, shall have a fire-resistance ratingnot less than 45 min,

(b) loadbearingwalls, columns and arches supporting an assembly required to have a fire-resistance rating shall,

(i) have a fire-resistance rating not less than 45 min, or

(ii) be of noncombustible construction.