The Ontario Building Code | Chimney Saddles Chimney Saddles

(1) Except as otherwise permitted in Sentence (5), chimneysaddles shall be installed where the upper side of a chimneyon a sloping roof is more than 750 mm wide.

(2) Chimney saddles shall be covered with sheet metal or roofing material of weight and quality equivalent to the roofing.

(3) Saddles shall be flashed where they intersect the roof.

(4) The intersection of the saddle and the chimney shall be flashed and counterflashed as required in Article

(5) Achimney saddle need not be installed if the intersection between the chimney and roof is protected by sheet metal flashing that extends up the chimneyto a height equal to at least one-sixth the width of the chimney, but not less than 150 mm, and up the roof slope to a point equal in height to the flashing on the chimney, but not less than 1.5 times the shingle exposure.

(6) Flashing described in Sentence (5) at the chimney shall be counterflashed as required by Article

9.26.5. Eave Protection for Shingles and Shakes