The Ontario Building Code | Wiring and Cables Wiring and Cables

(1) Except for dwelling units and except as required in Sentence (2), optical fibre cables and electrical wires and cables installed inbuildings permitted to be of combustible construction shall,

(a) not convey flame or continue to burn for more than 1 min when tested in conformance with the Vertical Flame Test in Clause 4.11.1. of CSA C22.2 No. 0.3, "Test Methods for Electrical wires and Cables", (FT1 Rating), or

(b) be located in,

(i) totally enclosed noncombustible raceways,

(ii) masonry walls,

(iii) concrete slabs, or

(iv) totally enclosed non metallic raceways conforming to Clause

(2) Where a concealed space in a floor or ceiling assembly is used as a plenum, electrical wires and cables within the plenum shall conform to Sentence

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