The Ontario Building Code | Application application

(1) This Section applies where proposed construction in respect of an existing building will result in any of the following changes of use of all or part of the building:

(a) a change of the major occupancy of all or part of a buildingthat is designated with a "Y" in Table of Division C,

(b) a suiteof a Group C major occupancy is converted into more than one suite of a Group C major occupancy,

(c) a farm building or part of a farm building is changed to a major occupancy,

(d) a buildingor part of a building is changed to a post-disaster building,

(e) a buildingor part of a building is changed to a retirement home regulated under the Retirement Homes Act, 2010, or

Note: On July 1, 2017, Sentence of Division B of the Regulation is amended by adding "or" at the end of Clause (d) and by revoking Clause (e). (See: O. Reg. 139/17, s. 134)

(f) the use of a building or part of a buildingis changed and the previous major occupancy of the building or part of the buildingcannot be determined.

(2) For the purposes of this Section and Sentences and, the changes of use set out in Clauses (1)(b) to (f) are also deemed to constitute a change in major occupancy.

(3) The requirements of this Section are in addition to the requirements of other Parts of the Code as they apply to the proposed construction.

9.40.2. Additional Construction