The Ontario Building Code | Definitions Definitions

(1) In this Part,

building system means a combination of elements or components that form a complete major division of construction in the design of a building or part of a building, including a structural or framing system, a waterproofing system, a drainage system, an exterior cladding system, a roofing system, a window system, a partition system, a corridor system, a stair system, a fire alarm and detection system, a sprinkler system or a heating, ventilation or air-conditioning system, a foundationsystem, a standpipe and hose system, a flooring system, a plumbing system, a sewage system or an electrical system.

11.1.2. Application Extension, Material Alteration or Repair

(1) Where an existing building is subject to extension, material alteration or repair,

(a) the proposed constructionshall comply with Section 11.3., and

(b) the performance level of the building shall be evaluated and compensating construction shall be undertaken in accordance with Section 11.4.

Section 11.2. Classification of Existing Buildings

11.2.1. Classification