The Ontario Building Code | Smoke and Heat Detectors Smoke and Heat detectors

(1) If a fire alarm system is required, smoke detectors shall be installed in,

(a) each sleeping room and each corridor serving as part of a means of egress from sleeping rooms in portions of a building classified as Group B major occupancy,

(b) each room in a contained use area and corridors serving those rooms,

(c) each corridor in portions of a building classified as Group A, Division 1 major occupancy,

(d) each public corridor in portions of a buildingclassified as Group C major occupancy,

(e) each exitstair shaft,

(f) each corridor serving classrooms in elementary and secondary schools, and

(g) each elevator machine room or machinery space.

(2) Except as provided in Article, if a fire alarm system is required, heat detectors shall be installed in,

(a) every room in portions of buildings classified as Group A, Division 1,

(b) except in a hotel, in every suite, and every room not located within asuite, in portions of buildingsclassified as Group C major occupancy and more than 3 storeys in building height, and

(c) in a floor area containing a hotel, in every room in a suite and in every room not located in a suite other than washrooms within a suite, saunas, refrigerated areas and swimming pools.

(3) Smoke detectors required in sleeping rooms of care,care and treatment or detention occupancy shall upon actuation provide an audible and visible signal to staff serving those rooms so that the room or location containing the smoke detector can be easily identified.

(4) Smoke detectors required by Clause (1)(g) shall, upon actuation, recall the elevators served by machinery located in the machine room or machinery space in which the smoke detector is installed.

(5) Except as permitted by Sentences (6) and (7), where a building is required to be equipped with a fire alarm system, a smoke detector shall be located near the entrance to,

(a) a walkwaydescribed in Articles and, or

(b) a vestibule provided in conformance with Article

(6) Smoke detectorsinstalled at the entrance to a walkway in conformance with Article are deemed to meet the requirements of Sentence (5).

(7) Fire detectorsare permitted to be installed in lieu of the smoke detectorsrequired by Sentence (5) in Group F occupancieswhere the smoke detectors may be subjected to false alarms due to the activities within the building.