The Ontario Building Code | Alert and Alarm Signals Alert and Alarm Signals

(1) In a two stage fire alarm system described in Sentence, the same audible signal devices are permitted to be used to sound the alert signals and the alarm signals.

(2) If audible signal devices with voice reproduction capabilities are intended for paging and similar voice message use, other than during a fire emergency, they shall be installed so that alert signalsand alarm signals take priority over all other signals.

(3) Audible signal devices forming part of a fire alarm or voice communication system shall not be used for playing music or background noise.

(4) Except as permitted by Sentence (6), visual signal devices shall be installed in addition to audible signal devices,

(a) in a buildingor portion of a building intended for use primarily by persons with hearing impairment,

(b) in a public corridor serving a Group A, B, C, D or E occupancy,

(c) in a corridor used by the public and in a floor area or part of a floor area where the public may congregate in a Group A occupancy,

(d) in not less than 10% of the suites of a hotel or motel,

(e) in a washroom for public use described in Sentence, (3), (4) or (6), and

(f) in the living space in a suite of residential occupancyin a Group C major occupancy apartment building.

(5) Visual signal devices are permitted to be installed in lieu of audible signal devices in the compartments referred to in Article

(6) Visual signal devices required by Clauses (4)(b) and (c) are not required in,

(a) a classroom, and

(b) a Group B, Division 3 occupancy that contains sleeping accommodation for not more than 10 persons and not more than six occupants require assistance in evacuation in case of an emergency.