The Ontario Building Code | Access Route Design Access Route design

(1) A portion of a roadway or yard provided as a required access route for fire department use shall,

(a) have a clear width not less than 6 m, unless it can be shown that lesser widths are satisfactory,

(b) have a centreline radius not less than 12 m,

(c) have an overhead clearance not less than 5 m,

(d) have a change of gradient not more than 1 in 12.5 over a minimum distance of 15 m,

(e) be designed to support the expected loads imposed by firefighting equipment and be surfaced with concrete, asphalt or other material designed to permit accessibility under all climatic conditions,

(f) have turnaround facilities for any dead-end portion of the access route more than 90 m long, and

(g) be connected with a public thoroughfare.

(2) A building within the scope of Article or shall have no portion of the required access route more than 20 m below the floor level of the uppermost storey or mezzanine that is not a rooftop enclosure provided for elevator machinery, a stairway or a service room used for no purpose other than for service to the building.