The Ontario Building Code | Sprinklered Service Space Sprinklered service Space

(1) An automatic sprinkler system shall be installed in a service space referred to in Sentence if flooring="" title ="Handyman flooring install Toronto">flooring for access within the service space is other than catwalks.

(2) The sprinkler system required by Sentence (1) shall be equipped with waterflow detecting devices, with each device serving not more than 1 storey.

(3) The waterflow detecting devices required by Sentence (2) shall be connected to the fire alarm system to,

(a) initiate an alert signal in a two stage system or an alarm signalin a single stage system, and

(b) indicate separately on the fire alarm system annunciator the actuation of each device.

(4) If a building is sprinklered, sprinkler protection need not be provided in the space below a raised floor in a computer room,

(a) if the optical fibre cables and electrical wires and cables in this space conform to the test requirements in Article,

(b) if the buildingis of noncombustible construction and other combustible components are limited to those permitted in Subsection 3.1.5.,

(c) if this space is used to circulate conditioned air and the air handling system is designed to prevent the circulation of smoke upon a signal from a smoke detector,

(d) if all of this space is easily accessible by providing access sections or panels in the raised floor, and

(e) if the computer room is more than 2 000 m2 and the annunciator has separate zone indicators of the actuation of smoke detectorslocated in this space so that the coverage for each zone is not more than 2 000 m2.

(5) Where a room, chute or bin is required to be sprinkleredas indicated in Sentence, Article and Sentence, the sprinklers may be supplied with water from the fire standpipe system provided that,

(a) except for a chute, not more than eight sprinklers are required to protect any room or bin based on a maximum coverage of 12 m2 per sprinkler,

(b) the standpipe riser is,

(i) not less than 6 in. in diameter, or

(ii) hydraulically designed to meet combined water supply as specified in Clause (c),

(c) the water supply for a standpipe system, pumping capability and water storage facility, if required, is increased to supply 95 L/min for each sprinkler over and above the requirements for the standpipe system up to maximum 760 L/min for sprinklers,

(d) a waterflow detecting device shall be installed in the sprinkler main adjacent to the point of connection to the standpipe riser, and

(e) the activation of each waterflow detecting device in Clause (d) shall be indicated separately on the fire alarm system annunciator.