The Ontario Building Code | Standpipe System Design Standpipe System design

(1) Except as otherwise provided in this Subsection, if a standpipe system is required, the design, construction, installation and testing of the system shall be in conformance with nfpa 14, "installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems".

(2) A dry standpipe that is not connected to a water supply shall not be considered as fulfilling the requirements of this Article.

(3) If more than one standpipe is provided, the total water supply need not be more than 30 L/s.

(4) The residual water pressure at the design flow rate at the hydraulically most remote hose connection of a standpipe system that is required to be installed in a building is permitted to be less than 450 kPa provided that,

(a) the buildingis sprinklered,

(b) the water supply at the base of the sprinkler riser is capable of meeting the design flow rate and pressure demand of the sprinkler system, including the inside and outside hose allowance, and

(c) fire protection equipment is available to deliver, by means of the fire department connection, the full demand flow rate at a residual water pressure of 450 kPa at the hydraulically most remote hose connection of the standpipe system.

(5) A fire department connection shall be provided for every standpipe system.

(6) Pumps required to have a rated net head pressure greater than 280 kPa and their controllers shall be listed and labelled.

(7) Couplings for hoses or other fittings used in connection with such couplings shall conform to ULC-S513, "Threaded Couplings for 38 mm and 65 mm Fire Hose" or CAN/ULC-S543, "Internal Lug Quick Connect Couplings for Fire Hose".

(8) If freezing of piping may occur, a dry standpipe system may be provided and so arranged through the use of listeddevices to,

(a) automatically admit water to the system by opening of a hose valve, and

(b) transmit a signal to an attended location.

(9) A standpipe riser shall be located in,

(a) an exitstair shaft, or

(b) a vertical service space separated from the adjacent floor area by a fire separation having a fire-resistance rating conforming to Table