The Ontario Building Code | Hose Stations Hose Stations

(1) If a standpipe system is required in a building, hose stations shall be provided in each storey in the building.

(2) Each hose station shall be equipped with a hose rack filled with not more than 30 m of 38 mm diam fire hose and the hose rack and fire hose shall be,

(a) listed, or

(b) approved by the Factory Mutual Research Corporation.

(3) Except in a Group F occupancy, at each hose station, hose connections, valves, fire hose, nozzle and hose rack shall be in a hose cabinet.

(4) A hose cabinet referred to in Sentence (3) shall be of sufficient size to,

(a) contain the equipment referred to in Sentence (3),

(b) contain a listedfire extinguisher, and

(c) provide sufficient clearance to permit the use of a standard fire department hose key.

(5) Hose stations shall be located,

(a) so that every portion of the building can be reached by a hose stream and is within 3 m of a nozzle attached to the hose required in Sentence (2),

(b) not more than 5 m from every required exit serving a floor area, except,

(i) for the first storey, or

(ii) if additional hose stations are required to achieve full coverage of the floor area, and

(c) in a conspicuous location where they are not likely to be obstructed.

(6) Except as permitted in Sentence (7), hose stations shall be located so that it is not necessary to penetrate an exitwith a hose in order to provide the design coverage required in Clause (5)(a).

(7) A hose is permitted to penetrate an exitin order to provide the required coverage to,

(a) a service room referred to in Sentence,

(b) a rooftop enclosure referred to in Sentence,

(c) a room not more than 50 m2in area, or

(d) a room or group of rooms not more than 200 m2 in area in a sprinklered floor area.

(8) A hose station located on one side of a horizontal exit shall be considered to serve only the floor area on that side of the horizontal exit.

(9) A hose cabinet shall be located so that its door, when fully opened, will not obstruct the required width of a means of egress.

(10) A hose station in a Group B, Division 1 major occupancy is permitted to be located in a secure area, or in a lockable cabinet provided that,

(a) identical keys for all cabinets are located at all guard stations, or

(b) electrical remote release devices are provided and are connected to an emergency power supply.