The Ontario Building Code | Means of Egress Means of Egress

(1) Access to exitwithin floor areas shall conform to Subsections 3.3.2. to 3.3.6., in addition to the requirements of this Subsection.

(2) If a podium, terrace, platform or contained open space is provided, egress requirements shall conform to the appropriate requirements of Sentence for rooms and suites.

(3) Means of egressshall be provided from every roof that is intended for occupancy, and from every podium, terrace, platform or contained open space.

(4) At least two separate means of egress shall be provided from a roof, used or intended for an occupant load more than 60, to stairs designed in conformance with the exit stair requirements of Section 3.4.

(5) A rooftop enclosure shall be provided with an access to exit that leads to an exit,

(a) at the roof level, or

(b) on the storeyimmediately below the roof.

(6) A rooftop enclosure that is more than 200 m2 in area shall be provided with at least two means of egress.

(7) Two points of egress shall be provided for a service space referred to in Sentence if,

(a) the area is more than 200 m2, or

(b) the travel distance measured from any point in the service space to a point of egress is more than 25 m.

(8) Except as required by Sentence and permitted by Sentences and (6), each suite in a floor area that contains more than one suite shall have,

(a) an exterior exitdoorway ="" title ="Toronto Door installer">doorway, or

(b) a doorway ="" title ="Toronto Door installer">doorway,

(i) into a public corridor, or

(ii) to an exterior passageway.

(9) Except as permitted by this Section and by Sentence, at the point where a doorway ="" title ="Toronto Door installer">doorway referred to in Sentence (8) opens onto a public corridor or exterior passageway, it shall be possible to go in opposite directions to each of two separate exits.

(10) Means of egressfrom a roof for personnel servicing rooftop equipment or for a below

ground service roomthat is not normally occupied, is permitted to be provided by stairways or fixed ladders.