The Ontario Building Code | Sliding Doors Sliding doors

(1) Except as permitted by Sentence (2), a sliding door provided in the locations described in Article shall,

(a) be designed and installed to swing on the vertical axis in the direction of travel to the exitwhen pressure is applied, and

(b) be identified as a swinging door by means of a label or decal affixed to it.

(2) In a Group B, Division 1 occupancy, or in an impeded egress zone in other occupancies, sliding doors used in an access to exit need not conform to Sentence (1) and Article

(3) Movable partitions used to separate a public corridor from an adjacentbusiness and personal services occupancy or a mercantile occupancy need not conform to Sentence (1) and Sentences and (2) provided the partitions are not located in the only means of egress.