The Ontario Building Code | Corridors corridors

(1) A corridor used by the public or serving patients or residents shall have no dead-end portion unless the area served by the dead-end portion has a second and separate means of egress.

(2) A corridor serving patients in a hospital shall be not less than 2 400 mm wide.

(3) Except as permitted in Sentence (5), a corridor serving residents who are not ambulatory in a Group B, Division 2 or 3 occupancyshall be not less than 1 650 mm wide.

(4) Paired doors in a corridor serving patients or residents shall,

(a) swing in opposite directions, the right hand door swinging in the direction of travel, and

(b) be not less than 1 100 mm wide.

(5) A corridor in a Group B, Division 3 occupancy that contains sleeping accommodation for not more than 10 persons and not more than six occupants require assistance in evacuation in case of an emergency need not comply with Sentence (3).