The Ontario Building Code | Storage Rooms Storage Rooms

(1) Sprinklers shall be installed in a storage room provided for the use of tenants in a residential occupancy within a floor area but not contained within a suite.

(2) Except as permitted by Sentence (3), a storage room referred to in Sentence (1) shall be separated from the remainder of the buildingby a fire separation having a fire-resistance rating not less than 1 h.

(3) The fire-resistance rating of the fire separation required by Sentence (2) is permitted to be less than 1 h but not less than 45 min provided the fire-resistance rating required by Subsection 3.2.2. is permitted to be less than 1 h for,

(a) the floor assembly above the floor area, or

(b) the floor assembly below the floor area, if there is no floor assembly above.

(4) Except where located within a dwelling unit, a room intended for the storage of flammable liquidsor combustible liquids required by the Fire Code made under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997 shall not be located above or below the first storey of the building.