The Ontario Building Code | Protection of Openable Windows Protection of Openable windows

(1) Except as provided by Sentence (2), openable windows in suites of residential occupancyshall be protected by,

(a) a guardwith a minimum height of 1 070 mm constructed in accordance with Article, or

(b) a mechanism capable of controlling the free swinging or sliding of the openable part of the window so as to limit any clear unobstructed opening to a size that will prevent the passage of a sphere having a diameter more than 100 mm.

(2) windows need not be protected in accordance with Sentence (1) where,

(a) the only opening having greater dimensions than those allowed by Clause (1)(b) is located higher than 1 070 mm above the finished floor, or

(b) the bottom edge of the openable portion of the window is located less than 1 800 mm above the floor or ground on the other side of the window.