The Ontario Building Code | Repair and Storage Garages Repair and Storage garages

(1) If access is provided from a storage garageto a stair tower or elevator serving occupanciesabove the level of the storage garage, the access shall be through a vestibule conforming to Sentence

(2) Treads and landings in interior stairs that extend to the roof of a storage garage shall be designed to be free of accumulations of ice and snow.

(3) A mechanical storage garage not more than 4 storeys in building height, in which no persons other than parking attendants are permitted above the street floor level, need not have a fire separation between the exitsand the remainder of the building.

(4) A garage shall be provided with natural or mechanical ventilation in conformance with the requirements of Subsection 6.2.2. to prevent excessive accumulation of carbon monoxide, exhaust fumes or flammable and toxic vapours.

(5) Except as required by Sentence, the clear height in a storage garage shall be not less than 2 m.

(6) A continuous curb not less than 150 mm high and a guard not less than 1 070 mm high shall be provided at every garage floor opening and around the perimeter of every floor where the exterior walls are omitted.

(7) Except for open-air storeys, every storey of a storage garage orrepair garage located below gradeshall be sprinklered.