The Ontario Building Code | Ammonium Nitrate Storage Ammonium Nitrate Storage

(1) Where the Fire Code made under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997 applies due to the quantity and nature of the stored product, a building intended for the storage of ammonium nitrate shall,

(a) be not more than one storey in building height,

(b) not contain a basement or a crawl space,

(c) not contain open floor drains, tunnels, elevator pits or other pockets that might trap molten ammonium nitrate,

(d) have noncombustibleflooring materials in storage areas,

(e) be designed to prevent the ammonium nitrate from coming into contact with buildingmaterials that,

(i) will cause the ammonium nitrate to become unstable,

(ii) may corrode or deteriorate by reason of contact with the ammonium nitrate, or

(iii) will become impregnated with the ammonium nitrate, and

(f) have not less than 0.007 m2of vent area for each square metre of storage area, unless mechanical ventilation is provided.