The Ontario Building Code | Plumbing Fixtures, General Plumbing Fixtures, General

(1) For the purposes of this Subsection, the occupant load shall be determined in accordance with the provisions in Subsection 3.1.17. except that in a Group D occupancy, the area per person shall be 14 m2.

(2) Except as provided in this Subsection, water closets shall be provided for each sex assuming that the occupant loadis equally divided between males and females, unless the proportion of each sex expected in the building can be determined with reasonable accuracy.

(3) Except as provided in Sentence (4), urinals are permitted to be substituted for water closets required by this Subsection for males and may be counted as water closets provided the number of urinals is not more than,

(a) one-fifth of the required number of water closets in hospitals and long-term care homes, and

(b) two-thirds of the required number of water closets in any other occupancy.

(4) If only two water closets are required for males, one urinal is permitted to be substituted for one of the water closets.

(5) Except as required in this Subsection, at least one lavatory shall be provided in a room containing one or two water closets or urinals, and at least one additional lavatory shall be provided for each additional two water closets or urinals.

(6) Wash fountains in circular or straight trough form are permitted to be provided in lieu of required lavatories provided each 500 mm of circumference or trough length is considered to be the equivalent of one lavatory.

(7) The water closet and lavatory provided in the universal washroom described in Sentence may be counted as part of the plumbing fixtures required for males and females in this Subsection if,

(a) more than one water closet is required for males, and

(b) more than one water closet is required for females.

(8) Where one water closet is required for males and one water closet is required for females, the following may be provided in lieu of the water closets otherwise required by this Subsection:

(a) one universal washroom conforming to Sentence, and

(b) one washroom containing one water closet that is permitted to be used by both sexes provided the door to the room can be locked from the inside.

(9) Both sexes are permitted to be served by a single water closet if the occupant load is not more than 10 persons in an assembly occupancy referred to in Article except for,

(a) elementary and secondary schools,

(b) child care facilities,

(c) places of worship, and

(d) undertaking premises.

(10) Any shelf or projection above a lavatory shall be located so that it will not be a hazard.

(11) Except for dwelling units, lavatories required by Sentence (5) shall be equipped with faucets that,

(a) operate automatically, or

(b) have lever type handles that do not close under spring action.