The Ontario Building Code | Entrances Entrances

(1) Except as provided in Sentence, the number of barrier-free entrances into a buildingshall conform to Table

Minimum Number of Pedestrian Entrances Required to be Barrier-Free

Forming Part of Sentence


Column 1

Number of Pedestrian Entrances into Building

Column 2

Minimum Number of Pedestrian Entrances Required to Be Barrier-Free


1 to 3



4 or 5



More than 5

Not less than 50%

(2) One of the barrier-free entrances required by Sentence (1) shall be the principal entrance to the building.

(3) In addition to the barrier-freeentrances required by Sentence (1), a suite of assembly occupancy, business and personal services occupancy or mercantile occupancy that is located in the first storey of a building or in a storey to which a barrier-freepath of travel is provided, and that is separated from the remainder of the building so that there is no access to the remainder of the building, shall have at least one barrier-free entrance.

(4) A barrier-free entrance shall,

(a) be designed in accordance with Article, and

(b) lead from,

(i) the outdoors at sidewalk level, or

(ii) a ramp that conforms to Article and leads from a sidewalk.

(5) At a barrier-free entrance that includes more than one doorway, only one of the doorways is required to be designed in accordance with Article

(6) If a walkway or pedestrian bridge connects two barrier-free storeys in different buildings, the path of travel from one storey to the other storey by means of the walkway or bridge shall be barrier-free.