The Ontario Building Code | Marquees Having Combustible Elements Marquees Having Combustible Elements

(1) Except as permitted in Sentence (2), exterior marquees, not greater than 7.5 m from ground level to the top of the marquee, having combustibleelements, other than fabrics or films conforming to Sentence, are permitted on a building required to be of noncombustible construction, provided every opening in the exposed wall of the building above the marquee is protected with wired glass in accordance with MMAH Supplementary Standard SB-2, "Fire Performance Ratings" where these openings are within,

(a) 4.5 m horizontally of the marquee, and

(b) 9 m vertically above the marquee.

(2) The protection required by Sentence (1) is permitted to be waived if the building is sprinklered.