The Ontario Building Code | Access to Parking Areas Access to Parking Areas

(1) A barrier-free path of travel shall be provided from the entrance described in Article to,

(a) an exterior parking area, where exterior parking is provided, and

(b) at least one parking level, where a passenger elevator serves an indoor parking level.

(2) The vehicular entrance to and egress from at least one parking level described in Sentence (1) and all areas intended to be used by wheelchair accessible vehicles to gain access to a parking space on that level shall have a vertical clearance of not less than 2 100 mm.

(3) If an exterior passenger loading zone is provided, it shall have,

(a) an access aisle not less than 2 440 mm wide and 7 400 mm long adjacent and parallel to the vehicle pull-up space,

(b) a curb ramp, where there are curbs between the access aisle and the vehicle pull-up space, and

(c) a clearance height of not less than 3 600 mm at the vehicle pull-up space and along the vehicle access and egress routes.