The Ontario Building Code | Exterior Walks exterior Walks

(1) Except as provided in Sentence (2), exterior walks that form part of a barrier-free path of travel shall,

(a) be provided by means of a continuous plane not interrupted by steps or abrupt changes in level,

(b) have a permanent, firm and slip-resistant surface,

(c) except as required in Sentence, have an uninterrupted width of not less than 1 100 mm and a gradient not exceeding 1 in 20,

(d) be designed as a ramp where the gradient is greater than 1 in 20,

(e) have not less than 1 100 mm wide surface of a different texture to that surrounding it, where the line of travel is level and even with adjacent walking surfaces,

(f) be free from obstructions for the full width of the walk to a minimum height of 1 980 mm, except that handrails are permitted to project not more than 100 mm from either side into the clear area,

(g) have a level area adjacent to the entrance doorway ="" title ="Toronto Door installer">doorway conforming to Clause, and

(h) have a tactile attention indicator conforming to Article that is located to identify an entry into a vehicular route or area where no curbs or any other element separate the vehicular route or area from a pedestrian route.

(2) Where a difference in elevation between levels in a walkway is not more than 200 mm, a curb ramp conforming to Sentences (3) and (4) may be provided.

(3) The curb ramp permitted by Sentence (2) shall,

(a) have a running slope conforming to Table,

(b) have a width of not less than 1 500 mm exclusive of flared sides,

(c) have a surface including flared sides that shall,

(i) be slip-resistant,

(ii) have a detectable warning surface that is colour- and texture-contrasted with the adjacent surfaces, and

(iii) have a smooth transition from the ramp and adjacent surfaces, and

(d) have flared sides with a slope of not more than 1:10 where pedestrians are likely to walk across them.

Ramp Rise and Slope

Forming Part of Sentence


Column 1

Vertical Rise Between surfaces, mm

Column 2



75 to 200

1:10 to 1:12


less than 75

1:8 to 1:10

(4) Curb ramps described in Sentence (3) do not require handrails or guards.