The Ontario Building Code | Access into Public Pools Access into Public Pools

(1) Access for entry into and egress from the water of a public pool provided in a storeythat is required by Article to have a barrier-freepath of travel shall be barrier-free and shall be provided by,

(a) a ramp conforming to,

(i) Article, and

(ii) Article, in the case of a pool described in Sentence, or

(b) a pool lift conforming to the manufacturer’s specifications and installation instructions and conforming to Sentences (2) to (6).

(2) Except where the entire pool depth is greater than 1 220 mm, where a pool lift is installed, at least one lift shall be located where the water level does not exceed 1 220 mm.

(3) The centre line of the seat for the pool lift shall be located over the deck and a minimum of 400 mm from the edge of the pool when in the raised position.

(4) A clear deck space located parallel with the seat for the pool lift and on the side of the seat opposite the water shall,

(a) be at least 915 mm wide, and

(b) extend forward not less than 1 220 mm from a line located 305 mm behind the rear edge of the seat.

(5) The pool lift shall be,

(a) designed to be operable without assistance from both the deck and water, and

(b) designed so that, when in use, its controls and operating mechanisms are unobstructed.

(6) The pool lift shall,

(a) have a weight capacity of at least 135 kg, and

(b) be capable of sustaining a static load of at least 1.5 times the rated load.

3.11.4. Public Pools Equipped with Diving Boards or Diving Platforms