The Ontario Building Code | Service Rooms and Storage Facilities service Rooms and Storage Facilities

(1) In addition to the requirements of this Subsection, service rooms shall comply with the requirements of Sentences, and and Articles and

(2) Where compressed chlorine gas is used as a pool water disinfectant, the cylinders or containers of gas shall be located in a service room that,

(a) except as provided in Sentences to (7), is separated from the remainder of the building by a 1 h fire separationthat is substantially gas tight,

(b) is designed for the sole purpose of containing all installed pressurized chlorine gas apparatus and piping and storing all chlorine gas containers or chlorine gas cylinders that are individually secured against toppling,

(c) is located at or above ground level,

(d) is provided with an exit door opening to the outdoorref ="" title ="Toronto Door installer">doors,

(e) has screened openings="" title ="Window installer in Toronto">openings to the outdoorref ="" title ="Toronto Door installer">doors with at least one opening located within 150 mm from the floor and at least one opening located within 150 mm from the ceiling, each opening being 2% of the area of the floor,

(f) is equipped with emergency mechanical ventilation capable of producing at least 30 air changes per hour, taking suction at a maximum of 900 mm above the floor level and discharging at least 2 500 mm above ground level directly to the outdoorref ="" title ="Toronto Door installer">doors, and

(g) contains a platform weigh scale of at least 135 kg capacity for each chlorine cylinder in use.

(3) Storage facilities shall be provided for the safe storage of all chemicals required in pool operations.

(4) The storage facilities shall be ventilated and shall be equipped with a water hose connection and a floor drain.

(5) service roomsand storage facilities, including rooms and facilities that contain electrical or mechanical equipment or chemicals or chemical feeders, shall be equipped with a secure locking device.

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3.12.1. General