The Ontario Building Code | Application application

(1) This Section applies to the design and constructionof site-assembled public spas and factory-built public spas.

(2) If material alterations to a public spaor the equipment installed in a public spa affect the bottom slope, the water volume or the capacity of the water circulation system, the adversely affected portions shall comply with the requirements of this Division.

(3) Except as provided in Sentence (4), if material alterations or repairs concern any pool fitting that passes water or air, or both, in or out of the pool tank, the affected fitting shall comply with Sentences and to (10).

(4) If the material alterations or repairs concern a fitting cover or grille, the affected fitting cover or grille shall comply with Sentences to (10).

(5) For the purposes of this Section, every reference to a public pool or a recirculation system in a definition in Article of Division A, or a Sentence or Clause in Section 3.11. that is made applicable to public spas by this Section, is deemed to be a reference to a public spa or water circulation system, respectively.

3.12.2. Public Spa and Deck design and Construction Requirements