The Ontario Building Code | Access into Public Spas Access into Public Spas

(1) Where more than one public spa is provided within a suite located on a storey that is required by Article to have a barrier-freepath of travel, a barrier-free access described in Sentence (2) shall be provided to at least one public spa.

(2) Barrier-free access for entry into and egress from a public spa shall be provided by,

(a) a ramp conforming to Article,

(b) a pool lift conforming to the manufacturer’s specifications and installation instructions and conforming to Sentences to (6), or

(c) a transfer wall conforming to Sentences (3) to (5).

(3) A transfer wall providing barrier-free access for entry into and egress from a public spa shall,

(a) have a height not less than 405 mm and not more than 485 mm measured from the pool deck,

(b) have a depth of at least 300 mm and not more than 400 mm,

(c) be slip-resistant and have edges that are rounded, and

(d) have at least one grab bar that,

(i) is perpendicular to the pool and extends the full depth of the transfer wall,

(ii) is located not less than 100 mm and not more than 150 mm above the transfer wall,

(iii) has a clearance of at least 610 mm on both sides,

(iv) complies with Clauses and (b), and

(v) is made of a slip-resistant material.

(4) The deck area required to make a lateral transfer to the transfer wall shall,

(a) be outside and adjacent to the barrier-free path of travel described in Sentence (1),

(b) have no obstructions at the side of the transfer wall serving the transfer space,

(c) have a clear space of 900 mm by 2 200 mm, and

(d) have a slope less than 2% provided at the base of the transfer wall surface.

(5) The deck area described in Clause (4)(c) shall be centred on,

(a) the grab bar where one grab bar is provided, or

(b) the clear space between the grab bars where more than one grab bar is provided.

3.12.4. water Circulation for Public Spas