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(1) In addition to the requirements of this Subsection, public spas shall comply with the requirements of Sentences to (6).

(2) An emergency telephone directly connected to an emergency service or to the local telephone utility shall be installed within 30 m of the public spa.

(3) All pumps used in a public spa shall be capable of being deactivated by an emergency stop button that is,

(a) clearly labelled, and

(b) located at a point that is,

(i) readily accessible to and within sight of persons using the public spa, and

(ii) within 15 m of the public spa.

(4) The emergency stop button required in Sentence (3) shall,

(a) be a switch separate from the public spas timing device,

(b) activate an audible and a visual signal when used, and

(c) have an emergency sign conforming to Sentence

(5) If a public spa and public pool are located in the same room or space, the emergency stop buttons required in Sentences (3) and shall deactivate all pumps serving the public spa and public pool.

3.12.6. service Rooms and Storage for All Public Spas