The Ontario Building Code | Application application

(1) Except as provided in this Subsection and Subsection 3.13.4., the requirements in Subsections 3.3.1. and 3.6.2. apply to a rapid transit station.

(2) A door in a fire separation is permitted to be equipped with pivot hinges in conformance with nfpa 80, "Fire doors and Other opening Protectives".

(3) The requirements in Subsection 3.4.4. for fire separation of exits do not apply in a rapid transit station.

(4) Except as provided in Sentence (5), the requirements in Sentence for doors to be readily opened from the inside apply to required exit doors in a rapid transit station.

(5) Where a group of two or more doors serves as a single exit facility, only one door in the group is required to comply with Sentence

(6) A door that is required to be readily opened in Sentence (4) or (5) shall have a sign attached to it that,

(a) displays the words EMERGENCY EXIT with the letters not less than 25 mm high, and

(b) is visible from the exit approach.