The Ontario Building Code | Number and Location of Means of Egress Number and Location of Means of Egress

(1) Each platform in a rapid transit stationshall be served by no fewer than two means of egressthat are independent of and remote from each other from the platform to the exterior of the station.

(2) Where a continuous level walking surface is provided between two adjacent platforms, they may be considered as one platform for the purpose of conforming to this Subsection.

(3) At the platform level, the distance separating the egress facilities in Sentences (1) and (2) shall be the greater of one car length or 25 m.

(4) Except as required in Sentence (1), two or more means of egress are permitted to converge in conformance with Sentence

(5) Means of egressfrom platforms shall be located so that the travel time from the most remote point on a platform to a protected route does not exceed 4 min based on travel speeds of,

(a) 38 m/min for horizontal travel, and

(b) 21 m/min for vertical rise.