The Ontario Building Code | Egress Capacity Egress Capacity

(1) For a rapid transit station, the required aggregate egress capacity from each platform shall be determined by dividing the platform occupant load determined in accordance with Sentences to (6) by the required platform clearance time determined in accordance with Sentence (3).

(2) Where two platforms are considered as one platform as provided in Sentence, the required egress capacityfor each platform shall be determined separately.

(3) The required platform clearance time shall be 4 min less the travel time between the platform and the entry into the protected route based on travel speeds of,

(a) 38 m/min for horizontal travel, and

(b) 21 m/min or vertical rise.

(4) For each means of egress, the required egress capacity at the platform shall be maintained for the entire length of the means of egress.

(5) Except as provided in Sentence (6), where two or more means of egress converge, the required egress capacity beyond that point shall be cumulative.

(6) The egress capacity in Sentence (5) need not be cumulative after converging where it can be shown that the platform clearance time in Sentence (3) is not exceeded.