The Ontario Building Code | Annunciator Indication Annunciator Indication

(1) All fire alarm, fire detectors, valve switches and water flow indicator signals when activated in a rapid transit station shall be indicated on the annunciator at the station.

(2) The annunciator at a rapid transit stationshall be monitored simultaneously at the central supervising station.

(3) Where a means of egress from a rapid transit station leads through an adjoining building, any alarm signaloriginating in the building within 2 storeys above a connection to the station shall,

(a) be indicated on the rapid transit station annunciator, and

(b) cause a message to flash a warning on a sign located in conformance with Sentence (4), that the means of egress shall not be used as an exit from the station.

(4) A sign required in Clause (3)(b) shall be located,

(a) at the doors from the rapid transit station to the adjoining building, and

(b) in the means of egress to the adjoining building, at the last point where there is a choice of direction to travel to at least one otherexit.