The Ontario Building Code | Standpipe and Hose Systems Standpipe and Hose Systems

(1) A standpipe and hose system conforming to the requirements of Subsection 3.2.9. shall be installed in a rapid transit station, except as otherwise required or permitted in this Article.

(2) Where a rapid transit station includes more than one standpipe riser there shall be a cross-connection pipe having a diameter not less than 100 mm between each standpipe riser so that supplying of water through any fire department connection will furnish water throughout each riser.

(3) There shall be identification on a fire department connection for a standpipe system in a rapid transit station to indicate that the connection is part of the station system.

(4) Hose stations shall be located so that every portion of the rapid transit station can be reached by a hose stream and is within 3 m of a hose nozzle when the hose is extended.

(5) In addition to the requirements in Sentence (4), hose stations shall be located in each tunnel not more than 20 m from the end of the platform.

(6) The requirement for hose rack and fire hose in Sentence does not apply in a rapid transit station.

(7) Each hose station shall have a 38 mm hose connection and a 65 mm hose connection.

(8) All supply piping shall have a diameter not less than 100 mm.

3.13.6. Required sanitary Facilities